North Irish Sea Array (NISA) - Photomontages

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Ardgillan Balbriggan Bettystown Clogherhead Donabate Gormanstown Howth Laytown Loughshinny Portmarnock Portrane Rush Seapoint Skerries

Notes for Viewing the Photomontages

• You will need to be at a specific distance from your computer screen for accurate viewing. That distance is 2 times the height of the browser window when the simulation appears. For example, if the window in which the simulation appears is 25cms tall, view it from 50cms away.

• The simulation will pan from left-to-right-to-left. You can pause the panning by clicking anywhere on the screen.

• For best viewing, enlarge your browser window but do not zoom in on the simulation.

• Tablet (iPad) users: